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Welcome to Kruzin Kidz

We're an Auckland based company supplying specialty mini hot rods for School Galas, Fundraising, Children's Birthday Parties, Private or Business Functions, Christmas Parties, Markets & Festivals.

All the hot rods we supply are OSH approved and safety tested, and can be safely driven by anyone 6 years and over. We supply full supervision for any event, and have a remote shut off installed on all the cars.

Each hot rod can hold 2 people, and we can supply up to 5 hot rods. These are immensely popular wherever children are, and a great way to keep them entertained at the family BBQ or School Gala.

Candy Floss!

We're excited to announce that we've just acquired a candyfloss machine! We'd love to provide fresh candy floss for your next event or birthday party - give us a call on 0800 876 453, or contact us for more information...

Introducing our Kids Bouncy Castle...

Designed for for the tiny tots 5 and under, this compact little castle is a wonderful, safe alternative for the smaller children. Complete with a side entrance and slide, this will provide hours of fun and entertainment. The castle is available for hire, or as part of a package with the hot rods. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

What people are saying

Kruzin Kidz are a big favourite at Pinehurst School in Albany - apart from all the fun that the children have, they are a very good fundraiser. Tried and true, Kruzin Kidz have been favourites at our last 4 family picnics and BBQs, and they were popular all day long at our 15th Anniversary School Fair held in March this year.Jane Taylor, Pinehurst School
There was no better way to amuse 50 adrenalin filled children for my son's 5th birthday party. While the adults were able to relax, the children were racing around on the cars. We had five cars, and with two children per car, every child had the opportunity for a good burn-out. We noticed the children were happy to share the cars, as it was just as much of a thrill watching them as it was driving them. After much persuasion the dads managed to borrow the cars from the children for the last few rides, and it was debateable which age group enjoyed them more. With minimal stress it was a very successful party, the children were happy and the adults were relaxed, worth every penny! Thanks Kruzin Kidz!Happy Mum, Auckland

How we can help you

We can supply hot rods for all occasions including kids entertainment, parties, kids birthday entertainment, childrens events, and lots more. Our hot rods are extremely popular with children of all ages, and are an excellent way of entertaining them, while keeping them in sight and safe.